Who are we?

The Pitch Brother Society is a group of like minded RC Helicopter Pilots. They are certified RC helis enthusiasts who consider flying radio controlled helicopters as a fun and rewarding hobby. One of their advocacy is to promote awareness that this hobby is suitable for all ages. There is a large array of RC helis to choose from depending on one’s budget and ability. It can be a perfect activity for bonding time with family, friends and loved ones.

The Pitch Brothers website is loaded with collective tips, information, recommendation, advice, how-tos and videos to help everyone who are still starting out on this hobby. Thus, they can avoid various common mistakes and pitfalls as they explore the different aspects (technical, maintenance, aerobatics, etc.) of flying the radio controlled helicopters.

There is more to this hobby than just hovering, looping and rolling. Soon, after constant flying and practice, one gets to realise that a bond between the pilot and the RC heli has been formed. As a matter of fact, there are so many pilots who did not stop from easy-to-fly RC helicopter versions. They could not resist the challenge to become better at other types of RC helicopter models. As a result, they enhance their full potential to be proficient in this form of RC flight. So, join us and become a hobbyist. Personally experience the overwhelming feeling of accomplishment!