Why Drain Cleaning is Critical


Drain cleaning is a home maintenance task you don't want to neglect having done on a routine basis. Once you understand the different ways professional drain cleaning can help you and your home, you'll see why it's a critical part of your home's ongoing maintenance. Here is more on this subject: 

You can prevent clogs in the drain

When you don't have your drains cleaned, things like oil, grease, soap residue, food particles, and other debris will eventually build up and cause clogs. Clogs can start out as minor ones, and be easy for you to free up on your own. 

However, the longer you continue using the sinks without having the drains cleaned, the worse the clogs will get. When the drains are cleaned, all the debris that's been building up will be broken up and flushed through the system safely. This means no more issues with clogs for your household to deal with. 

There may be no more bothersome odors in the home

When you have an accumulation of debris in the drain, the odors from those things will come out of the drain and cause a foul odor in the house. Unfortunately, one of the rooms the worst odors tend to come out the most in is the kitchen. 

Since this is where you prepare food, this odor is even more difficult to deal with. Depending on how strong it is, it can also bother you in other areas of the home as well. Drain cleaning gets rid of the debris, which gets rid of the odors at the same time. 

You could end up saving a lot of money

If you aren't having your drains cleaned routinely, then this can lead to more serious problems than the occasional clog and even foul odors. It can lead to serious problems within your plumbing system. You can end up with leaks and if these leaks go unnoticed, then you can wind up with water damage and mold growth inside your home. Also, neglecting to have the drains cleaned can cause a pipe to burst. 

If a pipe does burst, then there can be a very large amount of water that comes into the home quickly, flooding it. In the best-case scenario, you'll be home to turn off the main water valve. However, if you're gone when this happens, then you can come home to find a very serious and horrible mess throughout the house. It's so much more affordable to have the drains cleaned than it would be to have these repairs done and have any damages repaired.

To learn more about caring for your drains, contact a drain cleaning service in your area.


27 September 2022

Fast Facts and Deep Insights: Septic Edition

As you read the articles on this website, you will notice two things. First, they are all about septic services in some ways. Second, some go deep — and others are full of more surface-level facts. This is kind of like your septic system itself! The tank is buried deep, but the drain field is more superficial. You don't have to be an expert on septic systems, but as someone who owns one, you should at least know how to tell when something is wrong with yours so you can call for service. You'll get that level of understanding from this blog — and probably more!