4 Useful Tips To Keep Your Portable Toilet Rentals Clean


Nothing is as nauseating as smelly and dirty toilets. They can taint your reputation as an event organizer and scare potential clients. Therefore, if you decide to install a few portable toilet rentals in your event venue, you'll need a few tips to help keep your bathrooms clean and fresh. Below are some practical tips for maintaining freshness.

1. Air Out the Units

When a toilet isn't in use, keep the doors open to allow fresh air into the unit. If you install portable toilet restrooms in the sun for a long time, they can get stale and might become smelly. Leaving the doors open allows air circulation and eliminates the smell. Using natural air to freshen the toilet ensures you don't rely on artificial fresheners.

2. Ensure You Have Enough Units

When planning an outdoor event, consider the number of attendants you expect to grace the venue. This will help you order enough toilets. Getting adequate toilets prevents overuse, which can lead to poor sanitation. Besides, having enough toilets gives cleaners enough time to clean and freshen up the vacant units. The guests are also likely to use the toilets appropriately because they are not in a hurry. You can also find time to air out the vacant toilets and allow air circulation. If you have a large gathering gracing your event, order enough units to ensure they remain clean and fresh.

3. Buy Adequate Sanitation Products

Some luxury portable toilets have air conditioners and in-built fresheners to keep the units stench-free. Your rental company can add air fresheners to standard toilets if you make a special request. It would also help to stock sanitation products to eliminate any bad odors. For instance, products like hand washing soap, cleaning tablets, and water help maintain freshness. Your guests will certainly use the toilet appropriately if you invest in relevant products to maintain hygiene.

4. Order Chemical Toilets

Some portable toilets come with chemicals that disinfect waste and decrease odor. They are preferred due to their minimal water usage. Although the chemical toilets conserve water, they don't compromise the smell of the unit. You might not even need to install deodorizers to maintain the freshness of your units. Ask your rental company to deliver chemical toilets and help you maintain them.

If you are worried about maintaining the cleanliness and freshness of your portable toilet rentals, these tips can help you make an informed decision. Contact a portable toilet service for more information. 


16 August 2022

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