Benefits Of Routine Septic Pumping


Homeowners are fond of forgetting about their septic systems. They only concentrate on the interior and exterior of their homes. Neglecting your septic system can cost you. After all, there is no harm in maintaining your septic tank. Here are the benefits you might enjoy when you practice routine septic pumping.

Prevent Water Contamination

If you care about the purity of your water, it's only right you invest in regular septic pumping. Sewer waste can easily contaminate your well water if the septic tank gets too full. 

This happens when a lot of waste clogs the drain field to the extent that it can no longer filter the effluent effectively. Contaminants will pass to the groundwater, making it unsafe for human or animal consumption. To avoid such a scenario, have your tank pumped often.

Save Money

Septic systems cost a lot of money to install. As such, you need to prioritize septic maintenance to avoid costly mistakes. Those who neglect their septic tanks pay a huge price in the end. Besides, lack of regular maintenance can have you calling plumbers to conduct repairs after every few months. 

If not, the system will have one or more major components fail, and their replacements will cost a lot of money. By pumping your septic every three to five years, you'll no longer have to spend money on repairs and replacements.

Increase Property Value

If you have been practicing routine septic pumping, you can be sure that your property will sell at a high fee. Potential homebuyers are always looking to purchase properties that have been maintained well. They'll want to know the condition of your septic system before they buy the property.

Properties with unmaintained septic tanks will attract low fees or even push away potential buyers. So, know which side you stand on before complaining about the cost of maintaining a septic system.

No More Bad Odors

Would you be comfortable living in a property that always smells like sewage? Well, that should be enough motivation to get your septic tank pumped often. It's hard to prevent foul-smelling odors if your tank is always full and wastewater is overflowing in your yard. Pumping the tank ensures that no foul odors escape to the surrounding.

Prevent Drains and Sewer Backups

Slow drains and sewer backups can frustrate you, especially if they keep recurring. But have you thought about what's causing them? You have probably not pumped your septic tank in three or five years. 

If you can keep your septic tank clean at all times, you won't have to worry about sewer backups or slow drains. For more information on the benefits of septic tank pumping, contact a professional near you.


10 May 2022

Fast Facts and Deep Insights: Septic Edition

As you read the articles on this website, you will notice two things. First, they are all about septic services in some ways. Second, some go deep — and others are full of more surface-level facts. This is kind of like your septic system itself! The tank is buried deep, but the drain field is more superficial. You don't have to be an expert on septic systems, but as someone who owns one, you should at least know how to tell when something is wrong with yours so you can call for service. You'll get that level of understanding from this blog — and probably more!