3 Types Of Events Perfect For Restroom Trailers


Event restroom trailers are designed to feel more like a regular restroom than a portable toilet. They provide guests with access to a flushable toilet, running water to wash their hands, and a mirror to check themselves out in. Special event restroom trailers can be used for a wide range of special events where your accommodations don't have enough restroom access for lots of people. There is a wide range of events that restroom trailers are perfect for.  

Event #1: Concerts 

Concerts tend to bring thousands of people together, and most venues don't have adequate bathrooms for that many people. Even if the venue has the legal number of toilets for many people, that could still leave people waiting in line for a long time instead of enjoying the event.  

With a concert, especially one held at a non-traditional venue, such as a park, you will want to bring in restroom trailers. They will alleviate the burden on the venue's restrooms and ensure that people can quickly use the bathroom and get back to the concert. Concerts are generally only a few hours long, and spending even twenty minutes in line waiting for the restroom can take away from the overall concert-going experience.  

Event #2: Festivals and Fairs 

Festivals and fairs are great events that bring together people of all ages who are interested in the same thing. Festivals and fairs tend to be all-day events and often last for multiple days. With all-day events, you will want to ensure that you have enough restrooms to handle the surges and lulls in the event. You are also going to want to have enough restrooms so you can rotate cleaning the restrooms throughout the day and throughout the entire length of the events. 

At fairs and festivals, many organizers turn to simple porta-potties. Although those get the job done, having access to a flushing toilet and running water can make your event more comfortable for those attending and increase the sanitation of your event. 

Event #3: Weddings 

There are many places where you can hold a wedding that offer a beautiful venue but may offer limited or no restroom access, making renting a special event trailer essential. At a wedding, you want everyone to feel and look their best. Renting a special events restroom trailer will allow for the feeling of a traditional bathroom and will give your guests room to feel comfortable and clean at your special event.  

Additionally, weddings are not that long, and time is of the essence, so you don't want people lined up waiting for restrooms. You want people to be able to quickly use the restroom and get back to the event, which can be achieved by renting the right amount of special event restrooms.  

When you are throwing a special event, you need to ensure that you are taking care of people's basic needs in a helpful way, which can be achieved by renting portable restroom trailers that allow people access to a flushable toilet and running water clean up with afterward.


9 February 2022

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