Septic Tank Pumping: 3 Warning Signs You Should Not Overlook


Septic systems provide an excellent way of dealing with wastewater. But without proper care, they can cause more problems than good. That is why you need to know when to contact a septic tank pumping service. Keep reading to find out the signs you need to look out for.

1. Sluggish Flushing or Drains

Does your toilet flush seem slower than it should? If yes, this is a sign that there might be something wrong with the septic system. The same applies if your drains seem sluggish. As you may already know, your septic tank keeps filling up every time you flush the toilet or when any other wastewater flows into it. This means that the tank is bound to run out of space at some point. When this happens, it's only a matter of time before you start experiencing slow drains and clogging.

Unfortunately, many homeowners think that slow drainage is a minor problem. But that is not the case since it is a warning sign that things might worsen. For example, you might experience waste backups. This is the last thing you want since raw sewage exposes your loved ones to serious health risks. Remember that backups tend to start with the washrooms at the lowest point of your property. That is because they are the ones nearest to the tank. Taking swift action can be all it takes to prevent the problem from spreading to other areas in your home.

2. Pungent Smell

A sewage-like odor is an obvious sign that the septic system needs immediate attention. If you don't respond quickly, the smell might spread through the entire neighborhood, leaving you feeling embarrassed.

Having the tank pumped will go a long way in eliminating the smell. Generally, pumping creates more space, helping contain the pungent gases in the tank.

3. Water Pools

Water pools are expected if there's heavy rainfall in your area. But if it hasn't rained lately, pooling water is an indication that it is time for septic tank pumping. Wastewater has nowhere to go once the tank fills up. So it starts flowing, resulting in water pools near the septic tank.

The septic system is among the last things many people think about. But this is rather unfortunate because it plays a significant role in dealing with household wastewater. For that reason, it is prudent to know when to call a seasoned septic tank pumping service. Sure, this may sound mindboggling for a homeowner, but it is as easy as paying attention to these warning signs.


6 January 2022

Fast Facts and Deep Insights: Septic Edition

As you read the articles on this website, you will notice two things. First, they are all about septic services in some ways. Second, some go deep — and others are full of more surface-level facts. This is kind of like your septic system itself! The tank is buried deep, but the drain field is more superficial. You don't have to be an expert on septic systems, but as someone who owns one, you should at least know how to tell when something is wrong with yours so you can call for service. You'll get that level of understanding from this blog — and probably more!