Three Reasons You Should Conduct Regular Septic Pumping Services On Your Septic Tank


Your septic tank is a major part of your sewer system. One of the main maintenance services you should conduct on a septic tank is septic pumping. Septic pumping should get done at least once every two or three years. Nonetheless, if you have a small septic tank, you may need to schedule a septic pumping service more often because it tends to clog more frequently than larger septic tanks. With that said, here are three benefits of regular septic pumping.

Prevent blockages and Backups

All the wastewater from your bathrooms, kitchens, and toilets passes through the septic tank before draining away into the main sewer lines. However, wastewater from the kitchen, bathrooms, toilets, and garbage disposal unit includes a lot of food, hair, paper, and grease that often get attached to the septic tank walls. An over-accumulation of such particles in the septic tank often leads to blockages that prevent the wastewater from draining away. When this happens, the wastewater starts to back up to your toilets, drains, and sinks.

Thus, chances are these particles are accumulating in your septic tank. Thus, it is advisable to hire septic pumping services to wash away all the accumulated residue in the septic tank before you start encountering blockages and backups.

Preventing Environmental Pollution

If your septic tank gets clogged, in most cases, you will encounter wastewater backup. However, if you have a small septic tank, it may start to leak effluence into your property due to the buildup of pressure in the septic tank.

Remember, the wastewater in the septic tank is untreated and thus contains a lot of bacteria and germs. Therefore when the septic tank starts to leak, the bacteria and germs are let loose into the air and soil; thus, it is quite easy to contract a disease. However, by regularly employing septic pumping services, you can prevent the above scenarios from happening.

Saving Money

One of the main reasons most people aren't keen on septic pumping services is because it costs money. However, if you compare the cost of hiring a septic pumping service versus repairing or replacing your septic tank, the former is more affordable.

Thus, when you neglect septic pumping services, you run the risk of your septic tank getting damaged due to an over-accumulation of wastewater. Septic tanks are constructed to be air-tight. However, an excessive buildup of pressure resulting from a blockage could damage the septic tank resulting in an overflow or underground leak. In such a case, you can expect high septic tank repair costs, or you may be forced to install a new septic tank in the worst-case scenario.

Thus, you are better off incurring the relatively low cost of septic pumping services instead of coughing out large amounts of money to repair or re-install a septic tank.

If you have a septic tank, consider septic tank pumping services soon. 


25 August 2021

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