The 2013 AHS – Not Just another Heli Smackdown

The 6th Alpine Heli Smackdown was a successful event held last October 4, 5, and 6, 2013. The venue was at Hangar Heli-Tv located in Lodrino, Switzerland. The 3-day event was one of Europe’s non-competitive gatherings of RC helicopter pilots. Despite the light rain and the chilly air dominating the first day of the event, many pilots paved their way to fly their helicopters. Around 165 registered pilots from all over the world, participated the fun-flying event. This year, the event showed an increase of participants compared to last year’s partakers.

Day two was warmer and better for everybody to witness the scenic flights. The fantastic gathering showcased helicopters in action. It was an event to show off and have fun. Ultimately, meeting other RC heli enthusiasts was the goal of the said get-together. The welcoming and friendly atmosphere of every smackdown is always a good opportunity to demonstrate to spectators different heli flights. Thus, more people would be engaged to go to events like this and see for themselves various entertaining flights. This could indulge viewers to become hobbyists too.

The absence of competition pressure allowed pilots to show their flying capabilities. Although unforeseen crashes were inevitable, nobody got upset as incidents like this are completely part of the fun and learning aspect. Some of the professional and advanced pilots who graced the event include Niklas Solle, Sebastiano Gabutti, Dunkan Bossion, Manuel Roedl, and Mirko Cesena. Exhibitors like OptiPower and Rc-Freestyle were also present.

Check out this related video of another smackdown in Denmark. The Pitch Brothers Smackdown in 2009 also featured exciting flying from top 3D heli pilots like Lukas Riva, John O’Rourke and Daniel Jetschin.